With the explosive growth of video distributed across multiple and diverse platforms computers, internet TV, cell phones and mobile devices control and management of video content has become an enormous challenge for producers and distributors. Content providers must be able to identify videos accurately, quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently to:
  • Control, track and manage video content, including advertising
  • Detect content re-use, including piracy
  • Monitor audience viewing to assess popularity and usage
  • Generate revenue from context-based targeted advertising
  • Enhance audience experience by providing the best quality videos
  • Eliminate duplicates to reduce storage and maintenance costs

Just as each person has a unique signature, each video has a unique Vignature™ that can be identified by Trace™, Vercurys accurate, robust, fast and scalable video fingerprinting, indexing and matching technology.

Trace™ fingerprints the unique essence of a video (the Vignature™) without adding to or altering the video file in any way. Trace™ is not watermarking or cryptographic hash technology. Trace™ cannot be hacked.

Trace™ does not rely on watermarks, text (subtitles or close-captions), audio, or metadata to recognize the video content, thus it works with older videos that have not been watermarked, including movies and TV programs released in DVD and VHS, and Web video.

Trace™ identifies video content even if the video name, resolution, aspect ratio, file size, bit rate, bit order, frame rate or format (codec) of the video file has been cropped, compressed, added to, altered, modified or manipulated

Trace™ can pinpoint as a little as a three-second segment of video content, which enables a content provider to track automatically and precisely not only which video is being played, but which portion of a video is being played. This generates a goldmine of data on user viewing and use of each video, which enhances revenue opportunities for targeted marketing and advertising based on viewer behavior and trends. It also enables a content provider to detect re-use of video clips.

Trace™ can be used with software or hardware, PCs, appliances or handheld devices.

Trace™ can fingerprint and identify a video when it is uploaded to a website or server, delivered over a network, or downloaded and played on a users PC or other device.

Trace™ enables an automatic workflow in accordance with business rules configured by the content provider.

Trace™ uses very little storage. Each Vignature™ file (or Vig file) uses on average serveral kilo-bytes per minute of video.

Trace™ uses multiple different patent pending methods to identify each video, making it extremely accurate with nearly zero false positives (incorrectly identifying a video as a copy when it is not), and greater than 95% identification of manipulated videos.

Trace™ is fast, efficient and scalable. It can query a typical video against the database of hundreds of hours of videos in less than a second.

How does Trace™ work? Here's a simple work flow.

More Information

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