Vercury's solutions address some of the most important issues for online delivery of video content:


Control and management of video content has become an enormous challenge for producers and distributors. Content providers want solutions that allow them to:
  • Control, track and manage video content, including advertising
  • Detect content re-use, including piracy
  • Monitor audience viewing to assess popularity and usage
  • Generate revenue from context-based targeted advertising
  • Enhance audience experience by providing the best quality videos
  • Eliminate duplicates to reduce storage and maintenance costs

To achieve these goals, however, the content provider must first be able to identify video streams accurately, quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently.

Vercury's Trace™ video/image fingerprinting, indexing and matching technology enables content providers to do this.

Trace™ is extremely accurate, robust, fast and scalable. The software has been thoroughly tested and is production ready, available today, and easy to use and maintain.

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Realtime Video Conversion™

If a content provider offers only one quality level of its videos, the content provider limits its reach to high bandwidth visitors, diminishes its user experience, and loses revenue opportunities.

If a content provider offers different quality levels of its videos, the content provider must store, maintain and manage multiple copies of each video, increasing costs by 2-3X.

The content provider must decide whether to limit its reach, user experience and revenue opportunities, or incur 2-3X extra costs.

With Vercury's Realtime Video Conversion™ the content provider can have the best of both worlds.

Realtime Video Conversion™ enables the content provider to store just the highest quality video stream, but to deliver different quality videos over different bandwidths on the fly, thus extending the content providers audience reach, improving user experience and increasing revenue opportunities, but without the 2-3X additional cost.

Realtime Video Conversion™ is turn-key, production ready software available today that takes less than an hour to install and begin using, and requires very little maintenance.

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